3 FAQs About Short-Term and Corporate Housing in Wilmington, DE

Corporate housing is becoming more and more popular. And in a world where business transactions are faster and more complex, the trend is only going to rise. If work or another obligation has you considering Wilmington corporate apartments, you may need to have a few questions answered before you determine whether or not this form of accommodation is right for you. Here’s a quick look at three frequently asked questions regarding corporate housing in the area, including at LuxiaSuites.

Who Lives in Corporate Housing?

People who choose to live in corporate housing do so for a variety of reasons. Some serve as freelance consultants in the technology and business fields, where they work under short-term contracts that only require a commitment of a few months. Others work for large corporations that have satellite branches in Wilmington which occasionally need help from employees that are based in another city. Traveling medical professionals also seek corporate housing when they’re stationed in one city for a short period of time.

Are There Financial Benefits to Corporate Housing?

Corporate housing provides a number of financial benefits to renters. For example, your typical apartment community will require renters to commit to a 12-month lease. If you choose to terminate that lease ahead of time because you’ve finished your work assignment and no longer need to be in the area, these communities will often charge you a hefty early termination fee. Some even require that you pay for your monthly rent until the property finds a new tenant. This isn’t the case with corporate short-term rentals in Wilmington, which provide way more leniency when it comes to lease length. Sure, your monthly rent may be higher in a short-term rental. But when you account for the flexibility of the lease terms, short-term rentals are a much better deal.

What Does Corporate Housing Include?

The great thing about corporate housing is that all units are furnished. This means that you don’t need to worry about hiring a moving company to transport your mattress, couch, or desk. These basic amenities are provided for you and are ready to use as soon as you complete your move. However, it should be stated that you may want to bring some belongings with you. If you have a favorite painting or area rug, for example, consider taking it with you to make your apartment feel more like home.

Corporate housing at LuxiaSuites offers a number of benefits. With furnished Wilmington corporate apartments, you’ll have access to great amenities including your own private apartment with a fully equipped kitchen, work area, and places for relaxing while away from work.

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