5 Luxury Travel Items

Traveling can be stunning it simply has to be done correctly, here are 5 luxury items to help you do just that. Now your accessories will be as convenient and striking as your Luxiasuites accommodation!


1. Globe-trotter Safari Trolley Case


This globe-trotter case screams sophisticated traveler.

US$1,366 at www.quintessentiallygifts.com


2. Travelteq travel towel


Convenience and luxury go hand and hand with this towel that has space for your favorite book, iPad and cell phone!

US$125 at www.quintessentiallygifts.com


3. Supersmile Quikee Instant Whitening Polish (Icy Mint)


Look good on the go with this awesome product that is like brushing your teeth without all of the mess!

US$18 at https://www.birchbox.com/shop/supersmile-quikee-instant-whitening-polish


4.  Glacial Cleansing Cloths


There is nothing worse then that greasy feeling from long car or plane rides! Wipe it away and feel refreshed with these cloths!

US$15 at http://www.skyniceland.com/product-detail.php?item_id=36&sb=ca


5. ChargeTech Portable Battery Pack



Charge everything from your phone to your computer with this amazing portable battery pack!

US$99 at www.amazon.com


Main image: www.timetospa.com

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