5 Reasons Why CEOs Love LuxiaSuites

If you’re in charge of booking your boss’ travel, you’ve got plenty on your mind. You’re looking for a long-term housing option that’s comfortable, in a great location, and above all, a place that your boss will love. If seemingly endless Google searches have left you feeling more lost than ever, don’t despair.

If your supervisor will be working in Wilmington, Delaware, look no further than LuxiaSuites. This long-term housing property is sure to impress and is designed to accommodate CEOs. In no time, your colleague will fall in love with LuxiaSuites, and you’ll never wonder where you should book your boss again.

Here are 5 reasons why every executive is sure to feel right at home at LuxiaSuites:

LuxiaSuites Justison Landing

#1: Comfort

Life on the road is tough. Your boss will be working hard and away from the amenities of home. But that’s where LuxiaSuites comes in. Each spacious suite—complete with a separate kitchen, dining and bedroom spaces—is decorated with cozy furniture. But the best part is how LuxiaSuites combines the best of the hotel and home world. Housekeeping is available, which means your boss will love coming home to a neat and tidy apartment. This property also provides a full kitchen and accessories package. If your colleague enjoys cooking, they’ll enjoy this amenity immensely.

#2: Convenience

LuxiaSuites’ location in the heart of Wilmington, Delaware, puts your colleague in the center of business district. Your supervisor may even be able to walk to work. But even if he or she doesn’t feel like it or can’t, no worries. The building offers a complimentary shuttle that can transport guests to where they need to be. No need to shell out for a rental car!

#3: Budget-friendly

Long-term stays can get expensive, especially if you book them at a hotel that doesn’t normally accommodate a business traveler. But you won’t find that with LuxiaSuites. The building caters to long-term guests and offers reasonable prices. And when it comes time to submit expense reports, LuxiaSuites provides customized building for individuals, law firms and companies.

#4: Perks

LuxiaSuites understands that even the hardest-working CEO needs downtime. The on-property cyber café gives guests a chance to catch up on Facebook and Twitter when they need to unwind. Your colleague also can leave work troubles behind and focus on exercise at the on-site fitness center.

#5: Caters to Business Travelers

LuxiaSuites knows just what a CEO needs. The property is quiet and gives business travelers the tools they need to succeed in the boardroom and thrive when they’re away from their desks. Your boss will appreciate this specialized service that he or she would probably never get at an average hotel.

Contact LuxiaSuites to book your supervisor’s next long-term business trip to Wilmington, Delaware. Your CEO will fall in love with this property in no time!

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