7 Must Have Travel Gadgets for The Corporate Executive Traveler



1. Mophie Space Pack-Mophie’s latest essential addition to your travel arsenal not only doubles the battery life of your iPhone, it doubles the data storage—up to 32 gigabytes worth—creating enough space for all your media, be it movies and tunes for a 8 hour flight to Wilmington, DE or tons of  images of the striking Delaware landscape. A companion app integrates seamlessly with iTunes and photo gallery, allowing you to access and manage any file you may have downloaded from an email, from text documents to movies making this perfect for any lawyer working on a case. Available March. $150; mophie.com

lacie fuel

2. LaCie Fuel-Syncing enough—or the right—movies to your iPad, laptop, or iPhone before you head out to LuxiaSuites is always a challenge, since even the 120 GB of space on the biggest iPad Air is still not enough when you have a whole season of your favorite television show to watch. With its 1TB of storage, the sandwich-size LaCie Fuel takes the planning guesswork out, streaming more than 500 movies (or 160,000 images or 190,000 photos) to up to five devices simultaneously. $200; lacie.com

able smart headphones

3. Able Planet Linx Fusion Noise-Canceling Headphones-You are sure to sleep soundly in one of LuxiaSuites cloud like beds but if you have a noisy travel companion in your room with you, meet your new best friend. By using the same kind of haptic technology found in cell phone touchscreens—the kind that makes it feel as though you’re actually pressing buttons—Able Planet’s next-gen noise-canceling headphones transmit audio via your ear, skin, and bone, resulting in clear sound regardless of outside noise, and at a volume that’s 70 decibels lower than standard headphones, minimizing the risk of ear damage. They’re also good for anyone hard of hearing, since they don’t transmit entirely via traditional sound waves. Available February. $350; ableplanet.com


4. Pebble Steel-Since you are staying in one of Wilmington’s most luxurious places, you better look the part. This watch is sleek with a Gorilla Glass screen and a more traditional horological design—brushed stainless and black matte steel with optional leather strap—the Pebble Steel offers the same weeklong battery life and waterproof capability as its pioneering, Kickstarter-funded predecessor, as well as access to the Pebble App Store. Launching late January, the store lets you directly download wrist-ready apps such as Google Maps, Yelp, and Foursquare. $249; getpebble.com


5. The EatSmart Precision Voyager Luggage Scale- There is plenty of room in LuxiaSuites furnished extended stay apartments for lots of  luggage, but unfortunately airports usually charge extra for heavy suitcases. Keep track of your suitcases weight prior to hitting the road (or the sky) with The EatSmart Precision Voyager Luggage Scale $29.95; eatsmartproducts.com


6. Asus R300 Handheld Personal Navigator- Whether it is your first time in Wilmington, DE or your hundredth, there is always more to discover. See it all and avoid getting lost with Asus R300 Handheld Personal Navigator. $299; Asus.co


7. Wine Skin-Traveling to Wilmington, DE  wouldn’t be complete without visiting a winery or a wine store (there are no taxes here!)  Keep your precious bottle safe on the way back home with Wine Skin. You take your bottle, insert it in the bottle-shaped bubble wrap bag and seal it up air-tight. The bubbles prevent it from breaking in-flight, but if you hit turbulence, the seal prevents any liquid from leaking out and ruining your clothes.5 packs for $11.95;wineskin.net

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Image: TheGuardian.com

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