Add a Visit to Wilderness Canoe Trips to Your Summer Bucket List

The Brandywine River gurgles lazily through the Brandywine Valley lapping softly at tree-lined banks. Just standing on the shoreline and listening to the gentle ebb of the water is enough to lull you into an intense state of calm. So embarking on one of the Wilderness Canoe Trips, during which you actually get out on the water, is even more effective at relieving stress.

Wilderness Canoe Trips takes full advantage of the Brandywine River, offering tours of it via various watercrafts. On a hot summer afternoon, customers tube along the meandering river to a point where a shuttle van picks them up and returns them safely to their vehicles. Patrons also rent kayaks and canoes and maneuver along the river, stopping to gaze upon wildlife as it comes to greet them atop the barely-there waves.

Public Domain/Pixabay/Pexels

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