Audi Brings Fringe to Philadelphia

German founded company Audi is notorious for revolutionizing the auto industry in a variety of different ways. The look and feel of an Audi is unparalleled for car enthusiasts with Audi claiming a well-deserved spot in the top three luxury vehicles list year after year.

It isn’t just the horsepower or the sheer beauty of these autos that make them such a hot commodity. One of the biggest draws attached to the brand is the fact that Audi has quite the eye for trends both on and off the pavement.

This year, Audi is bringing yet another culture-forward event to the City of Brotherly Love as they introduce socialites, culinary enthusiasts, and art fans to the 18th year of Philly’s Feastival.

The 16-day “Feastival” set to take place on September 18th has been described by the press as “the cultural event of the year” and the “best party in Philadelphia”. Whether you’re a car lover, an art lover, a foodie, a socialite or an aspiring entrepreneur, a mid-September trip to Penn’s Landing is guaranteed to positively alter your perspective and open new doors.

Food at Audi's Fringe Art Feastival in Philly

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The Who, What, When and Where

The Audi Feastival is an internationally acclaimed event featuring an elongated list of participating restaurants like award winning Cuba Libre, Stephen Starr’s PARC and the delightful cheesery Tria. The Feastival is sponsored byParx Casino, Pat’s, Wells Fargo and Philadelphia Magazine to name a few.

Live entertainment and fine cuisine will serve as the backdrop for this event, which was specifically designed to bring a plethora of up and comers and seasoned corporate figures together in the same place at the same time.

The Feastival officially kicks off on September 18th, serving up generous helpings of food, fun, fashion and art for two consecutive weeks. General admission runs $250 per person with VIP tickets available for those who wish to get behind the scenes.

The Delaware Riverfront is just moments away from Wilmington, Delaware’s corporate housing establishment and this long running extravaganza will be located at the river’s edge between Chestnut and Market Streets.

A Little Background on Fringe Art

Fringe Art is an innovative art form that is simultaneously experimental and trendy and often incorporates elements of physical movement and entertainment into dynamic drawings and water colored portraits. It’s a bit of theatre mixed with a hint of dance, a touch of canvas and something magical that can’t quite be described.

If you’re visiting Wilmington for business, we strongly recommend that you take some time out between power lunches and meetings to enjoy this unique festival of culture, art, and of course, delicious food. Contact us for more info on this and other exciting local events headed to Wilmington this fall.

Featured Image: Facebook

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