Spotlight on Coffee: The Best Coffee Shops in Wilmington, DE

Staying in Wilmington for a spell during your business journey? If that sounds like you, chances are you’ve been scoping the scenery, seeking out the best in local sightseeing attractions, dining and entertainment. Temporary housing on the Wilmington waterfront is surrounded by an abundance of city life; so the question becomes where should you begin?

We suggest you immerge yourself into the lavish city lifestyle one step at a time, beginning with that oh-so-important morning cup of Joe. After all, nothing gets the wheels of innovation turning faster than a rejuvenating cup of coffee in a coffee shop that’s just your style. Start your business day with the best java in town by referring to our local café guide.

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If Your Focus is Fuel, We Suggest Loma Café

Loma Coffee is nestled right into the heart of Wilmington’s historic district, just a hop, skip and jump away from the temporary luxury apartment community on the Wilmington Riverfront. At Loma Coffee, sustenance is king and it shows in their all natural ingredients which are mixed to perfection not just in their piping cups of Joe, but also in their multitude of breakfast options. Wilmington locals love Loma for their breakfast bars and the sophisticated ambience between the walls. Business travelers hauling laptops on the go will definitely appreciate the complimentary Wi-Fi connection in this up and trending eatery located on North Market Street.

If Your Morning Walk Isn’t Complete Without Your Furry Friend, Try Brew Ha Ha

Brew Ha Ha is everywhere in Delaware for a reason— their service and servings have won awards year after year. This Italian inspired delight is pet friendly and urban chic, making it an eclectic gathering place for the masses. Their hours are Monday through Friday from 6:30 AM until 5 PM, which is ideal for business travelers who like to grab and go on weekdays and temporary residents who are traveling with pets. If your morning routine includes a brisk walk through the city and you tend to go for tried and trusted brands, Brew Ha Ha is a great place to kickstart the day and breeze through the workweek.

If You’re Feeling Out of Your Element, Give Starbucks a Shot (or let them offer you one)

There’s nothing sinful about sticking with the familiar when you’re new in town. If you simply want something that feels familiar, Starbucks and all of its well known specialties, like triple shots, skinny lattes and seasonal beverages, is just around the corner from your temporary Wilmington apartment community.

Trendy eateries and cozy cafes are all a part of your temporary stay in Wilmington city. Contact us to hear more about restaurants near your home away from home on the waterfront of downtown Wilmington.

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