Beyond Wilmington: What Makes Delaware Great for Business Travelers

We all know that Wilmington, Delaware is a teeming metropolis for today’s entrepreneur. If this is news to you, just take a look at the New York Times Wilmington coverage and the track records for success related to the following Wilmington based businesses:


The list goes on and on. For this reason, the city of Wilmington is quite a draw for today’s business traveler, who can enjoy a temporary or extended stay in a glamorous Wilmington apartment community. But what is it that makes Wilmington city so great for business? Namely, it’s the fact that the city of Wilmington is located in the nation’s first state.

The Allure of Delaware: A State Where Farm Meets City

Delaware is a historically rich environment. Its multifaceted landscape makes for an ideal startup locale due to the fact that this is a place where farm meets country, river meets downtown, city meets city and suburbs are scattered all throughout. This diverse setting, when combined with a climate that features a fair share of all four seasons, means that a multitude of products are locally available and therefore shipping costs and arrival times are not much of an issue.

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Add to the atmosphere a bargain startup price and you will soon see why Delaware has become a fave business travel destination. Annual fees and simple maintenance for the average startup LLC run as low as $300. New business owners enjoy beneficial tax treatment and asset protection in the event of staggering sales. The state of Delaware also has an amazing reputation for confidentiality in the state/business owner relationship.

Don’t Forget – You Won’t Pay Taxes

Building a company can get pricey on its own, but here in Delaware you won’t have to pay taxes when purchasing supplies. Delaware features flexible business laws and numerous business oriented accommodations such as temporary executive housing in 19801.

Who’s Getting Started in Delaware?

Over the course of the past decade or so, the hidden gem known as Delaware became slightly better known amidst the up and coming business traveling world. Today, we’re seeing startups in the form of:

  • Restaurants
  • Law firms
  • Art galleries
  • Food trucks
  • Book shops
  • Retail & More


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