LuxiaSuites: The Best Choice for Busy Business Travelers

As an office manager who frequently books travel for C-level executives, you know that finding a place for your colleague to stay is one of the toughest decisions you’ll make.

What you’re looking for? A spacious, comfortable and affordable place that’s centrally located.

What you’ll find might leave you feeling discouraged since it’s harder than it might seem. But if your boss will be traveling to Wilmington, Delaware, you’re in luck. LuxiaSuites is the ideal option for business travelers who are searching for corporate rate housing in Wilmington.

LuxiaSuites business travelers

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LuxiaSuites offers plenty of value for your money. The building is right in the heart of Wilmington’s business district—making it ideal for professional travelers. Likewise, if you’re searching for extended stay housing near Philadelphia, this can be a great option as the city is just a 30-minute drive away.

Since your boss probably won’t have a car, that won’t be a problem. LuxiaSuites provides a complimentary shuttle to get your colleague where he or she needs to go. When it comes time for paperwork, LuxiaSuites has your company covered. The building offers customized billing for individuals, law firms and companies—making filing those expense reports a breeze.

And the perks don’t stop there. Your colleague will love where LuxiaSuites is located, but your coworker also will appreciate the amenities inside the property. Each and every suite is filled with furniture designed to make each temporary resident feel right at home. Guests can enjoy use of a kitchen and a complete kitchen accessory package—your boss will love saving money and saving money by being able to prepare meals.

LuxiaSuites is also pet friendly so Fido can tag along and keep your colleague company! High speed Internet access is also available. All local calls are free too, in case your coworker has to catch up on work.

This building also offers package acceptance and delivery—no need to worry about important goods not getting to their intended recipients. The full linens package means your colleague won’t have to fret about supplying sheets and towels. If you colleague is the type who likes to travel in style, you can even reserve an exclusive two-story penthouse suite complete with its very own private terrace.

If you know your boss is the type who likes to spend time outside of each suite, rest assured that he or she can.

For a focused place to finish up extra work or close important business deals, there’s an on-site legal center/war room. For a slightly more relaxed environment, your coworker can head to the cyber café. Here, he or she can just check up on email or scroll through a Facebook feed. The cyber café also serves a complimentary week day club breakfast—another way to save money at LuxiaSuites. If he or she will need to time to unwind, there’s a great room with complimentary billiards.

Contact LuxiaSuites today to secure your spot at this stellar extended stay housing option. Your colleague will thank you for it.

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