Comparing Furnished vs. Unfurnished Apartments for Business Travelers

When you’re deciding where you want to stay for a long-term business trip in Wilmington, you’ve got plenty of decisions to make. What do I bring? Should I get a rental car? Do I know anyone in the area? Do I want to bring food or not? But the biggest question of all is, “Where will I stay?”

If you’re having trouble deciding between a furnished and unfurnished apartment in Wilmington, we’re here to help you. This guide breaks down the pros and cons of each option and may persuade you to stay in a furnished place after all!

Unfurnished apartment

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Already Having Furniture vs. Finding Everything On Your Own

If you’re staying in an unfurnished place, you call all the shots. You start with a blank slate and fill it with whatever you want. But then there’s the hassle of finding furniture. Even if you buy only used pieces, the expenses will add up fast. New pieces can be nicer, but tend to be way more expensive. You might not be willing to shell out that much cash when you’ll only be there for a few months. But if you live in a furnished place, that won’t be an issue at all. You can add photos and other personal knick-knacks to give it your own touch, but no need to worry about finding a desk or any of that. You’ll literally rest easier knowing they’ll already be a bed when you get there.

Quiet Surroundings vs. Loud Hotel Traffic

A major issue of staying in most hotels is that there’s near-constant noise. The housekeepers are in the hall. Kids are running around. The people in the room next door to yours are having a party. No matter the reason, hotels tend to be louder than your average long-term stay apartments. Since long-term properties like LuxiaSuites cater to business professionals, your lodging will be quieter.

Personal Touches vs. Stale Art

Many furnished, long-term stay buildings have warm, inviting decorations. If you decide to stay at an unfurnished place, you’ll be responsible for adding those homey touches. And we all know what motel art looks like. It might not bother you when you’re just there for a few nights, but if you’ll be staying for a few weeks, you’ll probably want a place that feels just like home.

Personalized Amenities vs. General Ones

LuxiaSuites has many amenities that are designed for business traveler. You’ll find a full linens package and even a kitchen so you can create your own meals. The on-site war room provides business travelers with a quiet space where they can finish up projects. An unfurnished apartment or general hotel typically won’t have those since they’re catering to a more general audience.

Now that you understand just why furnished apartments are great for long-term stays, reserve your room at LuxiaSuites in Wilmington, Delaware, today.

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