Travel Convenience: NY, Philly, Baltimore, NJ – Here We Come!

No two individuals will walk the same exact path when trying to find the road to prosperity. What many successful business travelers do know is that said road is easier to find if you start from a centralized location.

For the extended stay renters in the Northeast, there is one centralized locale that often goes overlooked: a hidden gem, (so to speak) amidst other more well know cities. Let’s see if you can guess without Googling.

Which city is conveniently positioned just a short drive from major metropolises like NY, Philly, Baltimore and New Jersey but offers corporate housing at a significantly lower price?

The answer is Wilmington, Delaware, a city on the rise that features some very impressive and unique attributes such as tax free shopping, business oriented legality, an amazing track record for entrepreneurial success and an abundance of spacious executive stay suites situated along the riverfront and in the heart of 19801’s downtown business district.

Philadelphia, PA

How to Get to Everywhere from Wilmington, Delaware

It’s a known fact that Philadelphia is a short drive away from Wilmington’s corporate housing communities. Depending on which part of the city you’re headed to, you can easily get there from Wilmington in thirty minutes or less. The same is true of New Jersey. Baltimore and New York are approximately an hour and a half away from Wilmington by car however, traffic is also a factor. For example, let’s say that your goal is to commute to New York from a city nearby, one that preferably features short term and long term leasing at a fraction of the NYC price tag. You’ve considered Wilmington but you’re commuting at a time of day when traffic could pose a real threat to your drive.

Anyone who’s lived/worked in NY knows that congested roads on a Friday evening can bring traffic to a sudden halt, turning highways into what looks like parking lots for hours on end, thus making it difficult to commute to a NYC employment location from anyplace that isn’t walking distance from your job. By this standard, your job and your home must coexist in the same neighborhood but this dated concept became null and void when innovative forms of transit became available to the general public.

Today you can get to Wilmington, Delaware from just about anywhere at record speeds courtesy of rapid public transit options. This opens up a world of possibility for business travelers who can now access rapid public transit from nearby Wilmington stopping points like the Amtrak Station, the DART bus system, even the Philadelphia airport.

Dear Wandering Business Traveler, Rest Assured

The starting off point is easier to find if you know where to look for it. Short and long term corporate housing is available in Wilmington at a fraction of what you would pay to stay in nearby cities like Philly, Baltimore and New York. Learn more about staying connected by living in a central city locale. Contact us today for details.

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