Cool Off With an Ice Cream Cone at UDairy Creamery Market

The UDairy Creamery Market isn’t just a sustainable, local dairy, it’s also an ongoing project for the undergraduate students at the University of Delaware. The management team is made of up three undergrads, who prove that they’re ready to navigate the business world by incorporating everything they know about food science and safety, dairy production, and running an eco-friendly business into the daily operations of UDairy Creamery Market.

They just debuted the creamery in May, the first off-campus branch of the University’s agriculture department. In the months since, these students have dished out delicious ice creams that reflect their desire to support local farmers and be kind to Mother Earth. Order a scoop laden with cookie dough or swirled with Delaware blueberries and appreciate all the hard work that went into your cup or cone.

Public Domain/Pixabay/SilviaEmilie

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