Did You Know That Entry to the Brandywine Zoo is Free Before March?

There are few things in this world more exciting for a kid than a day at the zoo. Luckily, the Brandywine Zoo is in the neighborhood and open during the winter. This quaint and manageable zoo is the perfect day trip for all ages, as it is nestled on just over 12 acres of land and smaller than, say, the Philadelphia Zoo, which can get a little tiring in one day! The zoo plays host to smaller mammals like capybaras and monkeys, birds like bald eagles and colorful toucans, a few reptiles and even honeybees.

The best part is that it’s super affordable. Tickets for the day run $3 for kids and $5 for adults. If you sneak in before March, the zoo is free since a lot of the animals nestle away for the winter. Do note that they are closed on Monday and Tuesday during the winter, so plan your visit accordingly!

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