Downtown Wilmington, DE Apartment Shuttle

Cityscape of traffic at night

Whether you are a seasoned corporate traveler or new to the scene, one thing rings true: long-term traveling work assignments mean redefining your normal. Regular 9-to-5 jobs most likely mean a routine of going to and from work in your car, followed by running errands all around town. When you’re working and living in and around downtown Wilmington, DE, apartments, you will be pleased to know that not having access to a car is no problem at all! In fact, when you are one of the corporate guests at the Luxia Suites, you will have access to plenty of outstanding amenities, including our complimentary shuttle.

Honestly, with all the amenities that Luxia Suites’ downtown Wilmington, DE, apartments have on-site you need only leave the grounds if your heart desires. However, we imagine you will desire to explore and enjoy all that Wilmington has to offer, and our complimentary shuttle will take you all over town. Being car-free means no hassles about parking, no worries about filling up the gas tank, and overall less stress. Hop on the shuttle and pick the place of your choosing.

Perhaps business will take place over lunch at one of the many outstanding Wilmington restaurants. Multiple breweries and drinking holes around every corner will do the trick—for both their libations and their delicious fare. Whether it’s Iron Hill Brewery, Stitch House Brewery, or the Washington Street Ale House, hop on the shuttle and head over for a great afternoon meal. No need for Uber or Lyft when the meal is over. The complimentary shuttle will be ready and waiting for to take you back to our downtown Wilmington, DE apartments.

And when it’s time to head home after your temporary long-term stay, our shuttle service will be ready to take you right over to the train station so you can jump on board and be on your way north to New York or south to Washington, DC. Or perhaps flying will be part of your journey home. The complimentary shuttle can take you to the train, which will drop you off right at Philadelphia International Airport.

Really, not having access to a car while you’re traveling for work is the best thing that could have happened to you when you stay at Luxia Suites downtown Wilmington, DE, apartments. In business, it is wise advice to work smarter, not harder. We think our complimentary shuttle service helps you do just that. Contact us today to learn more!

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