Expanding Your Business in Wilmington, Delaware

The world—for today’s long-term business traveler—is abundant with never before blazed trails. Exploring the ever changing upstart map is a truly mind opening experience, considering the fact that some of its trails veer out to the most unexpected of places. International expansion is now an option, courtesy of the increasing accessibility to distant global regions, most of which can be reached through the click of a mouse or the stroke of a laptop key.

Interestingly enough, one of the most overlooked locales for business expansion is Wilmington, Delaware, a hidden gem of a city with an amazing reputation for supporting breakthrough businesses and a centralized location that connects with other major US cities like New York, Philadelphia and Baltimore, Maryland.

Below are a few reasons you might wish to open up your business map and push a new thumbtack in the city of Wilmington, Delaware.

Wilmington, Delaware from above

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Reason 1: Wilmington’s Track Record

Wilmington, Delaware’s track record for housing prosperous businesses dates back to the birth of the nation. More than two centuries ago, Pierre Samuel du Pont de Nemours set sail for the city of Wilmington, Delaware, leaving behind his life in Paris, France. By the 19th century, the overwhelming wealth of the DuPont family was internationally recognized. Soon, other entrepreneurs near and far followed suit and all of the following prosperous organizations were founded in the thriving Diamond State:


It is notable to mention the versatility of success here in this city. Wilmington’s bustling business district boasts financial institutions, museums, restaurants, tech companies, law firms and more. As such, Wilmington, Delaware has recently been cited as the gateway city that has introduced a multitude of “business-friendly financial laws”.

Reason 2: The Financial Laws

One of the business-oriented laws that originally attracted entrepreneurs to Wilmington was the elimination of interest rate caps (hence the credit and banking industry’s success). Another was the tax-free landscape surrounding the city, a verified plus for corporations and consumers. Tax breaks and government grants are also more readily available in Wilmington, with a new emphasis on tech and construction as hinted at by President Obama.

Reason 3: Start it Up Delaware

Imagine how much easier expansion would be if you could access government support. Thanks to the thriving new foundation known as Start it Up Delaware, early stage and mid level entrepreneurs can connect with state government organizations that are actively looking for new startups to support.

Reason 4: The Test Run

Testing out your new business in Wilmington, DE won’t necessarily require a yearlong commitment. The business section of the city is overflowing with short term furnished rental options that allot business travelers the unique opportunity to test the waters and find out firsthand if expanding their business to Wilmington City is the ideal forward step for them. Contact us to learn more about testing out your business in the corporate cityscape of Wilmington.

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