Greet the Dinosaurs at the Delaware Museum of Natural History

From the second you step inside of the Delaware Museum of Natural History, it’s clear that this is a museum capable of holding onto your kids’ attention, even the younger ones. That’s because an eye-catching replica of an enormous squid (more formally Architeuthis dux) hangs over the entrance, waving hello to museum-goers with his ribbon-like tentacles.

Once inside the museum, guests can check out several permanent galleries or any of the temporary special exhibits. You definitely won’t want to miss the Dinosaur Gallery, especially if you have kids along. This is the only place you’ll find a permanent display of dinosaur fossils anywhere in Delaware. You probably won’t be able to pronounce the names of the two largest dinosaurs on display, but you’ll recognize them as the Asian cousins of the North American stegosaurus and allosaurus. Nearby in the Shell Gallery, stroll across a faux Australian Great Barrier Reef to gain access to an array of sea creatures, from scallops to mollusks, and the shells in which they live. Birds, large mammals, and other creatures reside in life-like displays elsewhere in the museum, so carve out an entire day to explore.

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