The Best Places for Happy Hour in Wilmington, Delaware

After an exhausting day of meetings, budget reviews and other tedious, work related tasks, R&R can seem worlds away from reality for many a business traveler. When you’re a LuxiaSuites resident, nothing could be further from the truth. Unwinding is a treasured Wilmington tradition and engaging in a Happy Hour drink or two after departing from the office can serve as a great reminder that the key to happiness is working to live, not living to work. Below are some of the hottest Happy Hour destinations for food, drink and relaxation.

Best Martini: Sullivan’s Steakhouse

One of the most swoon-worthy martinis in the city is currently being served up at Sullivan’s Steakhouse. The Knockout, their signature drink, is a tropically inspired martini certain to transport you from the daily grind to an island getaway. The Knockout features top shelf vodka combined with Hawaiian Gold Pineapples for a tropical paradise appeal. Their salted caramel apple martini, a brilliant mixture of DeKuyper Sour Apple Pucker and a delightful caramel sauce drizzle packs an equally satisfying punch and is quite reminiscent of a childhood trip to a county fair. Martini drinkers seeking an escape from the monotony of corporate life could definitely benefit from taking a trip to Sullivan’s Steakhouse, where each martini is an escapade.

Best Beer Bar: Chelsea Tavern

No matter what type of beer lover you are, the staff at Chelsea Tavern is guaranteed to uncover a brew that’s right up your alley. In addition to hosting a fabulous Happy Hour Monday through Saturday from 4 pm to 7pm, Chelsea Tavern is currently serving 173 bottled beers, 30 drafts and 19 can selections. While Chelsea Tavern is most known for setting the bar for Wilmington’s ever growing craft beer scene, they also serve a wide variety of tried and true lagers, porters and ales. From Michelob Ultra to Magic Hat’s Dream Machine, Chelsea has the most variety around and the growing list of regulars heading into this modern establishment offer further proof that Chelsea Tavern is turning beer connoisseurs into satisfied customers time and again.

Jambalaya Alfredo

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Best Bar Food: The Blue Parrot Bar and Grille

New Orleans is alive and well in Wilmington, Delaware, courtesy of the Blue Parrot Bar & Grille. This is an excellent option for foodies and cocktail lovers alike. Their menu features authentic New Orleans inspired dishes such as crawfish mac n cheese and hearty jambalaya.

Best for Business: Pochi Wine Bar

For a glamorous business night out, it is highly advisable to grab your laptop, save your appetite and head to the nearby Pochi Wine Bar. Pochi is an elegantly decorated restaurant with a wide assortment of exotic wines and cocktails and the Wi-Fi connection you’ll need to make a lasting impression on your clientele.

This is just a taste of what’s on the menu during your stay at the LuxiaSuites. For information on other nightlife options near you, contact a LuxiaSuites guest services representative.

Featured Image: Sullivan’s Steakhouse

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