Have You Heard? LuxiaSuites has a Very Walkable Walk Score!

When traveling, you want to be able to set down your bags and explore! At LuxiaSuites, it is simple to explore all that Wilmington, Delaware has to offer. A visit to WalkScore.com will show you just how “walkable” LuxiaSuites really is! With a score of 89 you will see that most errands can be accomplished on foot! What does this mean for you? Simplicity!  The site even provides a travel time map so you can see how far you can travel by car, bus, bike and foot from the 1007 N. Orange Street location.

Some hot spots really, really, close by include Deep Blue Bar & Grill, The Nomad and Brew Haha.


Walkscore 1

As you can see above, you can even bring your bicycle along for an extra good time. This location is very bikeable!

Image: RaleighUSA.com




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