Hotel Horror Stories

Even in today’s world of Yelpers and TripAdvisor reviewers, you can still get stuck with a bad hotel. When it happens to you, it’s an experience you’ll never forget (and not in a good way!)

These hotel horror stories will probably frighten you, but if you’ll be traveling soon, don’t despair. Instead, consider alternatives like staying at a long-term rental property and rest assured you’ll be sleeping in a quality spot that feels more like home.


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 One Dirty Hotel in Miami Beach

According to this community, Miami Beach’s hotels need a little work. Reviews range from “Needs to be shut down by health board” to “worst hotel ever.” According to one reviewer, they ran into a room filled with dirty towels, bed and even the walls. Travelers even came across bedspreads full of hair – yikes! So next time you’re planning a vacation, do a little legwork and consider renting a furnished apartment for your stay instead.

Gross Olympic Hotels in Sochi

When journalists landed in Russia to cover the winter Sochi Olympics, many of them were immediately grossed out by their accommodations. From water mains breaking to one spot with no lobby—some of the stories here were truly astounding. If you’ve never had a doorknob fall off in your hand, consider yourself lucky.

Mouse Sightings

When WWE star Cameron returned to her hotel room after an appearance, she found a mousetrap in her room. Although not a pleasant site, she didn’t think anything of until later that night after a show. Not so surprisingly, she ended up seeing a mouse scurrying on the floor. Cameron even remarked that she was afraid to let her feet touch the ground for the rest of the stay. Luckily, with typical stays of a month or more, long-term vacation housing maintains a higher level of luxury to keep guests comfortable.

Disease in New York City

Like a college dorm dweller’s worst nightmare come to life, one guest in NYC caught a raging case of athletes foot in the communal shower. So bad, the commenter said herfeet felt like they were on fire.” If that wasn’t bad enough, the management sent up someone to basically tell the guests to—ahem—take their business elsewhere. If your budget is more flexible than a college student’s, consider upgrading to a room with a private shower for maximum comfort and minimal funk.

A Surprise in Maine

One guest in Kennebunk, Maine got a little more than they bargained for. At first, the wife’s owner gave the guests charred cookies to start with. Perhaps innocuous, but that was only the start. The owner had a poodle on property that left a dog “surprise” on the front porch. The commenter said she’s a dog lover, but the owner didn’t even apologize for the incident. Many “home-away-from-home” properties offer pet-friendly services – some just more upscale than others.

With a little research and an open mind, it’s easy to see that even corporate apartments for vacation are an interesting, comfortable, and luxurious alternative to sight-unseen hotels. Don’t add your story to this list!

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