How To Stay Active (Even When It’s Cold!)

We get it: it’s freezing outside. When temperatures are hovering somewhere near zero, one of the last things you feel like doing is exercising. You’d rather curl up with a great book and maybe a Netflix marathon. But spring really will be here before you know it, and you’ll want to look great when the sunshine finally arrives.

To counteract all the holiday and Valentine’s Day indulgence, consider these exercise tips and routines. In no time, you’ll be preparing for your first race this spring. Or just lookin’ great in your new pair of shorts—that are a size smaller than what you usually buy, of course.

Take Your Workout Outside

Now, obviously going skiing is usually a day trip, but something like ice skating is more manageable (and not to mention fun). Try the Skating Club of Wilmington for a fun, “cool” workout. If you’d like to workout outside—we must admit that walking through a winter snowstorm is a beautiful experience—bundle up before you head out. A quick jaunt or jog will instantly brighten your spirits.

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Hit the Gym, stat

Since the latest episode of Scandal will call your name when you’ve been lounging around for a while, be sure to lace up your tennis shoes immediately after you get back from work. Once you’re in your best fitness gear, try doing 10 minutes of anything. Jumping jacks, high knees or other cardio-based exercises… or maybe just do a few sets of push-ups, plans or dips. Once you’ve gotten to 10 minutes, chances are you’ll want to keep going. And if you’d like to stop, at least you got in a short workout. Persistence is key here.

Utilize Free Resources

Sure, gym memberships or day passes can be expensive. Many boutique studios will charge upwards of $20 per class, and your wallet might not be able to take the hit. But don’t despair. There are plenty of free resources you can use to stay in shape.

To start, fire up your computer. YouTube is home to many fitness channels (we recommend BeFit and Blogliates). Most of these channels offer equipment-free workouts you can do inside your room. You also can search for descriptions of workouts you’d like. So maybe search for “20 minutes Pilates routine” to find just what you’re looking for.

If you’re staying at LuxiaSuites, you can access the on-site fitness center to stay in shape. You’ll find a variety of high-tech cardio and weight equipment in addition to free weights and even an exercise ball. Get creative or just get on a stationary bike to work off your lunch. After you’re finished, you’ll appreciate that you can work up a sweat and that your room is just one short walk away.

If you’ll be in Wilmington, Delaware, for an upcoming business trip, consider staying at LuxiaSuites. The property is teeming with amenities for travelers. The top-notch on-site fitness center is just one great benefit in a long list. Contact the property today to book your luxurious and cozy room.

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