Introducing Longwood Gardens’ Brand New Meadow Garden Exhibit

When art and science intertwine at Longwood Gardens, the end result is a beautiful botanical exhibition. On Friday, June 13th, Longwood Gardens introduced an 86-acre ecological effort that shows just how stunning sustainable landscapes can be. This brand new exhibit featuring a colorful array of earth friendly botany has just opened up to the public. Wilmington residents and visitors with a passion for the wonders of earth and a love of visually enticing bouquets have quite the summer to look forward to.

What You Can Expect to Find at Meadow Garden

Meadow Garden is a whole new road to discovery waiting just outside your door. Ticket holders can expect an epic botanical adventure complete with walking trails, hiking expeditions, learning centers and farmhouses stretched out as far as the eye can see. Along this futuristic path, the seasons will change, the colors will rotate and the majestic scenery promises to allot numerous unique visits.

Discover the Wetlands of Meadow Valley Walk

Sightseers at the Meadow Garden exhibit have the opportunity to blaze a trail of their choosing, with Meadow Valley Walk being one of many options. Along the 3.4-mile walkway, a series of different habitats can be uncovered at every turn. The trail is mainly flat, making it easily accessible to all. The grassy path winds through wetlands and creeks, passing by an old quarry and a beautiful springhouse before returning the adventurers to the Hourglass Lake Pavilion and a myriad of other sustainable trails.

Deer chewing on branches

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Catch a Glimpse of Native Wildlife

Meadow Garden is also home to an abundance of native wildlife. Stroll alongside whitetail deer while eastern bluebirds fly overhead and monarch butterflies land on the tips of meticulously landscaped flowerbeds. The native plants featured at Meadow Garden are an inaudible call to the wild. Some of the animals are long-term residents while others are simply resting for a spell.

Ecologists and Artists Working Hand in Hand

The Meadow Garden is an artistic, functional work drawn together by renowned artists and ecologists who seek to rebuild beauty and conserve nature. The Meadow Garden is open each day from morning until dusk, weather permitting. Longwood Gardens suggests touring the landscape in comfortable footwear and stopping in at Peirce-du Pont House prior to blazing a trail. The price of taking a Meadow Garden escapade is included in the price of Longwood Gardens admission.

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