Discover the Freedom of Month to Month Leasing from Wilmington, Delaware to Beyond

Wilmington, Delaware is the first state of our great nation and home to a myriad of successful business startups, longstanding industrial marvels, and some of the largest banking institutions in the world. This historical gem sits rights on the cusp of the Wilmington Riverfront and is convenient to major metropolitan cities like Philadelphia, New York, and Baltimore. Exploring Wilmington, Delaware could take longer than a day or two; in fact, it could easily become a lifetime adventure. If you have this famed city on your map of must sees, you will be happy to hear that there are now month to month leasing options available in Wilmington, Delaware.

LuxiaSuites offers month to month rent in Wilmington, Delaware.

The Benefits of Month to Month Rental Opportunities

Until quite recently, traditional apartment living required a great deal of commitment to a particular locale. The yearlong leasing options of the past were ideal for some, but not every apartment dweller is seeking to remain rooted for such a lengthy stretch of time. Month to month leasing is much more practical for world travelers of all walks of life. It is a new lease on freedom for those who tend to travel on a whim and those who wish to try on a few cities before signing up for an extended stay. With month to month rental options in Wilmington, Delaware, temporary residents can now enjoy:

  • The comforts of home cooked food in an apartment kitchen (as opposed to the limitation of a hotel mini bar)
  • A cost effective stay in a setting that truly feels like home
  • The freedom to explore the city before making a long term investment
  • The freedom to come and go as needed
  • A spacious and fully appointed abode built to accommodate travelers, their pets and their loved ones
  • Access to executive amenities such as fully furnished suites and valet dry cleaning


Is a Month to Month Rental Community for You?

If you prefer life on the open road, if you often travel for business, or if you’re simply considering a long vacation, a month to month rental community could be the perfect choice for you. Month to month leasing is equally ideal for individuals who are saving up for a dream home or shopping new cities in search of the perfect fit. The best attribute of a month to month rental community is the flexibility offered by this type of leasing agreement. The future of luxury apartment dwelling is one that is more spacious, more flexible and more catered to fit into a wide variety of lifestyles. Find your home away from home in Wilmington, Delaware by contacting us to learn more about temporary apartment leasing and luxury life on the go.

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