New Year’s Eve in Wilmington, Delaware

Here’s to making it to the holidays! You’ve made it through yet another exciting year… well, almost.

Now that the stockings have been hung, the stuffing has been served and the spirit of Christmas is officially knocking on the front door, there’s only one thing left to do – plan for a fabulous NYE while you’re still in Wilmington. You only have a few days left on the 2014 calendar before the 2015 celebrations commence.

There are many different ways to ring in the New Year Wilmington, DE style. The most popular choices are mapped out below.

Happy New Year Lights

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New Year’s Eve In: Hosting a Small Soiree of Colleagues in your Wilmington City Abode

If you’re business traveling in the 19801 this season, hosting an intimate crew of colleagues/potential clients/fellow professionals is a great way to turn over another calendar page. Fulton Paper and Party Supplies Store on West 27th Street features preplanned New Year’s Eve party kits and hundreds of catering tools to get you started. For a signature touch, try incorporating these party packages with some upscale DIY ideas that will instantly enhance the overall atmosphere.


New Year’s Eve Out: Finding Festivities Minutes from Home

The Wilmington, De business district is strategically situated right on the festive Christina Riverfront, a winter wonderland set to life, adorned in shimmering lights all season long. From your home on the frosty edge of the city, you can easily make your way to:


The Ernest & Scott Taproom NYE Party is also one of the hottest options in town. Located just around the corner from LuxiaSuites, this dance party isn’t just going to be rockin’ – it’s perfect for those sans DD as you can easily saunter home after the ball drop. With a 4 hour open bar, complimentary champagne toast at midnight, hours of hors d’oeuvres, a live DJ, and much more, the $50 price tag makes it absolutely worth every penny. Give them a call at 302-384-8113 to secure your spot at what’s promising to be the party in town.

New Year’s Eve All Out: Taking that Drive to Times Square

Wilmington, De’s business district is a short drive away from the Big Apple. If you’ve ever turned on your TV and stared at the gleeful, half-frozen masses gathered in Times Square with their foam fingers and painted faces all the while wishing you were there, you might want to warm up the car and venture out into the madness/excitement that is New Year’s Eve in New York City just to say you did it. However you choose to spend your New Year, we hope you’ll find your place in historically rich, seasonally delightful Delaware in 2015. Contact us to see the upcoming Wilmington events calendar.

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