Now Open: Starbucks Debuts its New Café in the Heart of Wilmington’s Legal District

Sometimes a tall cup of a bold roast makes a world of difference in your day and nobody seems to know that better than Starbucks. Now LuxiaSuites City Center guests only have to travel a couple floors down the elevator to enjoy Starbucks coffee as well as their well-known treats and healthy options!

As a coffee shop, Starbucks seems to have perfected indulgence by transforming the activity of coffee drinking from a pick me up to a bona fide art form. A trip to this award winning brew house where grounds of caffeinated beans provide an awe inspiring sense of comfort is an excellent way to start your day or end it for that matter.

Fortunately for guests of LuxiaSuites, grabbing a cup of Joe from the most trusted name in American coffee is as breezy as walking downstairs. Today marks the debut of the brand new Wilmington Starbucks located on the first floor of the Nemours building at LuxiaSuites.

Starbucks sign on side of building

Image: Flickr

Reasons to Be Excited (In No Particular Order)

Whenever a Starbucks moves onto your block, it calls for a tiny celebration. Below are just a few reasons to revel in the introduction of this brand new Wilmington Starbucks.

Reason 1: Waking Up

Even if you were born a morning person, morning coffee adds a little bounce to the step that might not otherwise be there. Achieving this tiny dose of pleasure without having to travel very far to get it is always a major plus.

Reason 2: Meeting Up

Starbucks isn’t just a great place to pick up treats and beverages; their establishment is also an excellent place to go when connecting with new people or host an informal business meeting. The homey feel and aromatic atmosphere surrounding the facility make it an ideal destination for mingling. The free Wi-Fi and comfortable seating make it a classic location for a professional meet and greet.

Reason 3: Seasonal Selections

Nothing quite says autumn like a pumpkin spice latte piping over a countertop with your name scrawled across the front. In Starbucks, the seasonal delights runneth over all year long. If you’ve yet to taste test the fall classic salted caramel mocha, you’re in for a genuine treat. Just close your eyes and imagine the liquid version of a chocolate covered pretzel drizzled in whipped cream.

Some of the best adventures happen when you share a window seat with a friend or coworker in the coffee shop downstairs. To reserve a temporary or permanent luxury space amidst cozy cafés and trendy eateries in Wilmington, Delaware, contact us today.

Featured Image: Flickr

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