Plexus CrossFit: A Fitness Solution for LuxiaSuites Business Travelers

Business travelers seeking a fitness solution with rapid results that will revitalize the mind and body simultaneously should seriously consider becoming members of the CrossFit community. CrossFit is an innovative way to tone the body and learn coordination techniques from the pros. Plexus CrossFit’s workout routines cleverly combine aspects from a wide variety of competitive sports such as gymnastics, body weights and Olympic lifts for an unmatched routine that changes on a daily basis. Not only is this a great way to tone up, it’s also a great alternative to the same old same.

CrossFit is a coordination and strength conditioning program that was previously only available to military personnel, professional athletes, Olympic stars, law enforcement officials and individuals scheduled to engage in combat. A 2010 military study showed results of a 20% power output increase in the average CrossFit participant’s overall experience. Now, this specialized training regimen has crossed over for public use and the coaches at Plexus CrossFit in Wilmington are excited to introduce these powerful techniques to the public. The Plexus CrossFit gym is located right within the Nemours Building on the ground floor, just minutes from your LuxiaSuites home away from home. A high intensity workout awaits all who dare to enter through those doors.

Plexus Crossfit

The Plexus CrossFit program begins with a three day essentials course designed to aid instructors in determining your level of skill. At Plexus CrossFit, their mission is to arm you with a flawless technique, guaranteed to maximize your fitness results. They put a strong emphasis on intensity and execution of the moves you will learn during the training process. Instructors are looking forward to helping participants achieve new fitness levels. You don’t have to be an Olympic athlete to give CrossFit training a try. Fitness buffs from all backgrounds are encouraged to come onboard and learn these professional techniques in a safe environment with hands on coaching.

CrossFit is an amazing, modern approach to physical fitness and a trend that has recently increased in popularity. It has been described by many as a culture as opposed to a routine. In its current state, this groundbreaking, strength conditioning program is designed to compliment your individual fitness needs. For more information on Plexus, the CrossFit gym near you, contact us at LuxiaSuites.

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