The President’s Plan for an Even More Prosperous Wilmington, Delaware

Few cities can compete with Wilmington, Delaware for the top slot in business development. This tax free, accessible city is home to a myriad of pioneering corporations ranging from banking institutions to Fortune 500 companies, from upscale eateries to low key coffee shops and virtually everything in between.

Most recently, President Barack Obama has proposed a plan guaranteed to skyrocket prosperity in the Diamond State. He came here in July to promote his proposal, which is centered on building a world-class infrastructure.

President Barack Obama

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What This New Infrastructure Will Look Like

There is an expression in the restaurant industry that suggests that people eat with their eyes. Under the President’s plan, the infrastructure of Wilmington will look like something worth digging into. He’s suggested a firmer foundation with new roads and bridges in place. He’s called for reduction in carbon pollution, which will lead to a cleaner atmosphere. Fresher air, newer streets, faster railroads, smarter airports and higher paying jobs are part of his blueprint for the nation’s first state—a blueprint that features $2 trillion in deferred maintenance and even more investment in young businesses. The Build America Investment Initiative launched in mid-July of 2014 and Delaware history continues to change.

What This Could Mean for Professionals

Whether you’re interested in building a company or building a bridge, this proposal could easily equate to prosperity for Wilmington, Delaware professionals. The President aspires to rebuild the American Dream, to polish this historically rich city, subsequently driving in traffic from many different directions. Wilmington City is positioned within 350 miles of 33% of our nation’s residents. Philly, Baltimore, Jersey City and New York are all just a short drive from downtown Wilmington. Rebuilding the infrastructure in this key location could easily impact the prosperity of other professionals residing nearby.

There is always a faster way to optimize your business’s bottom line and taking cues from our nation’s leader is an excellent way to gain insight into the future. Rent or lease a brand new space in the place where newer bridges and firmer foundations are already underway by contacting us.

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