Hitching a Ride in Wilmington, Delaware: An Overview of Local Public Transit

An extended business retreat to Wilmington, Delaware can be a truly revitalizing experience. You get to witness the excitement of a new city firsthand, taking in sites while taking on meetings, meeting new people and revisiting the cultural aspects of the nation’s first state.

If you wish to get the most out of your temporary residence in Wilmington, DE, learning the public transit system is a great way to achieve that goal. Here’s a brief overview of Wilmington’s many transportation options.

Wilmington, DE train

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Public Transit Option #1: The Train

Wilmington’s local Amtrak station is right at the heart of the city on 100 South French Street. From the Amtrak Station, locals can easily connect with destinations in and near Philadelphia, New York, Washington DC, Baltimore and more.

The Amtrak Station features upscale options like the Acela Express, which boasts speeds of 150 mph and a superior first class experience. The all-new Northeast Regional Rail (which also departs from French Street) serves travelers headed toward Boston, Virginia and other various northeast destinations.

Whether you wish to travel locally or to a far off destination, the Amtrak Station is suited for your journey.

Public Transit Option #2: Car Rental

Traveling in groups isn’t everybody’s idea of the ideal ride, which is why affordable car rental options are also on site at the Amtrak Station. If you prefer a more private experience, consider ditching tickets and opting for a set of rental keys at Budget, also on South French Street.

Public Transit Option #3: Ride Share Delaware

If you love the idea of getting around the city in an automobile but you are all about going green, Ride Share Delaware is a great way to locate a destination match and participate in the local carpooling scene.

Public Transit Option #4: The Dart Bus

Going local can be budget friendly and convenient if you take advantage of the Dart System. Dart buses have stops all over the city that will take you to just about anywhere you can imagine in the state.

Public Transit Option #5: A Taxi

The streets of Wilmington City aren’t congested with an abundance of yellow taxicabs, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t any local taxis to choose from. The difference here is that in Wilmington, it is better to book a taxi in advance via a trusted local service than it is to stand on a street corner hoping one will happen past you. Delaware Taxi Service makes catching a city cab easy by offering an online reservation option.

Once you’ve learned your way around the transportation system, you might want to spend your off nights catching up on local attractions like museums, restaurants, shopping malls and historical sites. Make your extended business stay in Wilmington a memorable one by contacting us for more local info.

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