Where to Relax Around Wilmington, DE

Moving is often listed as one of the top most stress inducing activities of any individual’s life. The headache of relocation, from packing the suitcases to saying farewell to loved ones and everything in between, is all too much for most people to bear every ten or so years.

As business travelers however, we deal with the pressures of moving on a much more regular basis. The downside to being an up and comer is the constant shuffle, that foot tapping, finger fidgeting sensation that envelopes us. We board the planes. We brave unfamiliar territory. We deal with the misplaced luggage at the airport along with that occasional misplaced feeling in our hearts.

So if you are enjoying (or at the very least, enduring) a temporary or permanent business stay in 19801, we thought it might be nice of us to point you in the direction of a place where you can recollect yourself, a place that you can turn to in times of need while you’re here in your home away from home.

Here Are Our Top Picks for R&R Destinations in or near Wilmington, Delaware

Where to Golf

If you feel the need to relax but you can never seem to sit still, a slow paced, mentally challenging sport like golf is probably your best route to inner peace. Socialites hoping to make friends on the course might fare better when golfing at a local country club such as:

Country clubs are great alternatives to general golf courses because they encompass many different venues all in the same place. Often, a country club membership will allow you to relax on the golf course, over a nice on-premise meal, during a conversation with a newfound friend, while lapping an Olympic sized pool or all of the above.

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Where to Take a Spa Day

If your idea of R & R is the total opposite of physical activity, heading over to one of the award winning Wilmington spas is one of the best ways to spend your off days. At a Wilmington spa, you won’t have to lug a golf club or even lift a finger for the whole day. Currie’s Hair Skin Nails on Justison Street is just footsteps away from Wilmington, De’s permanent and temporary corporate housing. A few miles down at Concord Pike sits Massage Envy, which is a great stop for professionals in need of a spa that’s open on Sundays. Wilmington business travelers in search of an all male day spa can rest at ease knowing that Wilmington’s Studio One Eleven is an award winning destination catering to male clients.

Whether you need warm towels, hot stones, a cold pool or a hot hand on the golf course to get you back into gear, you’re sure to find it during your staycation here in the beautiful city of Wilmington, De. Contact us today to learn more about ways to unwind on the waterfront.

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