LuxiaSuites: The Ideal Short-Term Rental Choice for Business Travelers

Wilmington, Delaware is a hot city for business travelers for plenty of reasons. After all, the city is a banking powerhouse.

CapitalOne purchased ING Direct in 2000 and CapitalOne 360, the online banking division of the company, is headquartered in, you guessed it, Wilmington.

If you’re headed to town to work for CapitalOne 360, you’re probably searching for a place to stay. And if you’re looking for a cozy long-term rental in the heart of town, know that this place doesn’t just exist in your head. LuxiaSuites is a true business traveler’s dream come true.

For starters, CapitalOne 360’s headquarters are about a five-minute ride away from LuxiaSuites. No, you were not dreaming when you read that sentence. It’s less than a mile away, and you could even walk if you felt up to it!

But why walk when you could take a complimentary shuttle?

Yes, that’s right. LuxiaSuites provides a shuttle that will take guests where they need to go. No need to worry about transportation when you’re staying at LuxiaSuites. If you’re doing business in Philadelphia area, LuxiaSuites is just a 30-minute drive away from the city. If you’ll be spending time in both cities, you might as well stay in one place to avoid having to move during your stay. And with LuxiaSuite’s top-notch amenities, you won’t want to ever leave.

You’ll feel right at home as soon you walk in the door. The property offers comfortable furniture, premium cable television and a full linens package in addition to a kitchen and complete kitchen accessories package. You’ll save money and feel more at home when you can whip up your favorite dish.

LuxiaSuites kitchen

LuxiaSuites also offers housekeeping services so you can come home to a clean and neat apartment after a long day at work. The property also comes with a fitness center. No need to worry about finding and paying for a really expensive gym. You’ll have the equipment you need to stay in shape on site.

And if you have to work when you’re out of the office, LuxiaSuites has made that very accessible. The building comes complete with a legal center/war room and a cyber café where you can enjoy a free breakfast during weekday mornings. LuxiaSuites offers free local calls so you don’t have to use your minutes when you’re making calls in Wilmington. The property also accepts and receives packages too. No need to worry about having a package intercepted at an office. You can get what you need delivered to the building.

And when you need to kick back, you can. Each apartment here comes with a sitting area so you can have your own space for just relaxing. LuxiaSuites provides complimentary WiFi so you can surf the net or update Instagram during your free time. An on-site great room that comes with a billiards table is the perfect place to mingle with other guests and perfect your pool game.

But don’t just dream about the perfect haven for business travelers. Book a room today to experience LuxiaSuites for yourself.

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