The Best Jogging Routes in Wilmington, Delaware

Jogging season has arrived and the road is stretched out far and wide before you. While jogging is unarguably one of the most efficient ways to stay in shape, no two joggers were created alike. At LuxiaSuites, we offer corporate apartments in Wilmington, DE near the best trails in the area. If you are not from the area and are traveling for work, you will benefit from learning about convenient running routes while staying in the city. We understand that your jogging approach could greatly differ from that of your neighbors, so we’ve taken the time to devise a list of the best running routes in Wilmington, Delaware, centered around your individual style.

The Sightseeing Jogger

If you seek a visually enticing jog where nature comes to life around you, the Brandywine Creek State Park Trails are an excellent way to satisfy your craving for a sightseeing jog in the city. The Brandywine Creek State Park’s Indian Creek Trail features 1.8 exhilarating miles of jogging territory along an incredibly scenic stretch of trail. Beginning at the Nature Center, this trail twists and turns through an open field filled with early 1900’s architecture and then winds around the majestic Brandywine River in a loop that leads back to the Nature Center. For a longer, equally scenic jog, try the Brandywine Trail, which connects across state and county parks for a total length of 10.4 miles.

Best Jogging Routes in Wilmington, Delaware

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The Time Crunched Jogger

For a quick stretch of the legs without the need to travel very far, joggers on a tight schedule can take a very quick sprint along the Riverfront and burn up some calories on the go. The Riverfront is scenic but less nature inspired in comparison to other jogging routes. Still, you can’t beat the convenience of a mapped out pathway, smooth and paved just minutes from your door at LuxiaSuites.

The Trail Blazing Jogger

If plowing through the wilderness is your idea of a jog in the park, Alapocas Run State Park features miles and miles of tree covered terrain that the trail blazing jogger will thrive in. The Alopocas Woods trail stretches out for just under a mile, surrounded by towering trees and lush foliage on all sides.

The Competitive Jogger

If you run at your best when racing others, you might want to consider joining the Delaware Running Club and participating in all out relay competitions. This June, the Delaware Running Club is gearing up for the Championship 5k and DMR and participants will compete for the best time in a 9 mile marathon guaranteed to set summer off with a sprint.

Wilmington, Delaware aspires to bring more and more trails to the community over the next few years. For information about biking, hiking, and other outdoor, trail-related activities, contact us.

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