Things To Do In Wilmington: Attractions At A Glance

Wilmington is a thriving city thanks to the hard work and financing brought in by today’s business travelers. With all of the wonderful contributions working America has made in terms of the advancement of our nation’s first state, we at LuxiaSuites believe your stay should pay tribute to one very important person – you! With that thought in mind, we have carefully constructed a clever guide designed to highlight the myriad of restaurants, nightclubs, entertainment venues, shopping centers and historical sites that are right around the corner from your home away from home.


There are more than 58 stores in the Downtown Wilmington district, most of which can be found on Market Street, just a hop, skip and a jump away from LuxiaSuites. Stocking up on goodies like jewelry, sporting accessories, clothing and discount books is not just easy, it’s also tax free. The Bliss Gourmet Gift Shop specializes in greeting cards, bath and body goodies, Amish jams and other unique trinkets you could pick up for your friends at home.

Sight Seeing

Wilmington’s museum district is walking distance from your LuxiaSuites abode. For art lovers, The Delaware Art Museum and the Blue Ball Barn both house an eclectic mix of modern and historical art. The Blue Ball Barn is also a historical site previously owned by Delaware’s famous DuPont Family. Those with a deep seeded interest in the great outdoors could benefit from a trip to Delaware’s Russell W. Peterson Wildlife Refuge or catch up on their knowledge of earth science by joining the Delaware Mineralogical Society. There is even a museum dedicated to avid sports fans with sports related exhibits on display at the Daniel S. Frawley Stadium.

Blue Hall Dairy Barn

Image: WRT Design

The Night Scene

Those who work hard have earned their right to party even harder. This could translate to swirling on a dance floor, dining under moonlight, tipping back a craft beer, or perhaps even dressing up like your favorite party animal. Whatever your pleasure, our city is your playground. Chelsea Tavern and Ernest & Scott Taproom are two restaurants with a wide selection of dishes and drinks who often host parties together. Thanks to IN Wilmington Week, 10 solid days of festivities are already underway, as is the countdown to party animal costume madness.

On the other hand, if your idea of a party is a classy dinner followed by the sophisticated sound of an award winning opera, a quick trip to Opera Delaware and a moonlit dining experience in one of the many restaurants located along the banks of the Christina River could help you to fall in love with Wilmington. It might even help you to fall in love in Wilmington, depending on who accompanies you for the occasion.

Wilmington is a tax free, historical city just waiting to be discovered by an emerging business traveler such as yourself. For a full list of local attractions, contact us at LuxiaSuites.

Featured Image: University of Delaware

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