The Top Delaware Group Dining Destinations

The power in numbers can sometimes fall short at a dinner table, especially if your group is particularly large. Finding a restaurant that is willing and equipped to handle the high volume of your after work party, your large dinner meeting, your cocktail get-together, or your voluminous business meet-and-greet can become a frustrating experience rather quickly. Fortunately, for Wilmington, Delaware residents, the city is brimming with large dinner party destinations. This list was devised to aid you in sorting through the options and making the reservations that best complement your large party dining needs.

The Iron Hill Brewery: For Parties of 20 or Less

Whether you’re pitching a new concept to potential clients or throwing a small scale cocktail for staff, the Iron Hill Brewery is an excellent option for parties consisting of 20 people or less. This midscale eatery is known for dishing out fresh, nutritional entrees ranging from succulent seafood to savory steaks and hearty chicken pot pie. Their price range falls below the thirty dollar mark and their ample selection of tasty brews is a nice touch. Reservations to the Iron hill Brewery can be made online or over the phone and even same day reservations are frequently accepted. The Iron Hill Brewery sports an industrial chic atmosphere and with two stories worth of seating so you’ll have plenty of room to comfortably recline over your meal.

The Blue Ball Barn: For Parties of 20 or More

The Blue Ball Barn is an excellent escape from the office for parties of 20 or more. This unique historical site accommodates large groups and features one of the most elaborately furnished banquet halls in the nation. Hold your next conference or meet and greet in this scenic two story facility hidden amidst the majestic scenery of Delaware’s beautiful state park. Functions held in the Blue Ball Barn are complete with a breathtaking banquet room and a private courtyard escape.

Lone Star Steakhouse

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The Alamo Room at Lonestar Steakhouse: For Any Large Party

Add a taste of Texas to your Delaware dining experience by contacting the Lonestar Steakhouse and reserving their rodeo themed Alamo Room. The space can graciously accommodate 70-80 people at a time and nothing says an after hours party like a twisted tea and a blooming onion centerpiece.

Sullivan’s: For Outdoor and/or Upscale Group Dining in Wilmington, Delaware

For a cocktail oriented meet and greet, Sullivan’s is an optimal choice. This fashionable upscale steakhouse features private dining for parties of 50-100. Their meticulously decorated outdoor patio is positioned in the shade for sweltering summer days and furnished with outdoor heating equipment for winter extravaganzas. Cocktails and cigars are available for purchase upon arrival and indoor seating is also an option for large party dining.

Wilmington, Delaware is home to many of the nations’ leading banks and successful startup companies making it an ideal locale for a business dinner or post shift shindig. Book with us today to experience the group dining scene in this wonderful trending city.

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