How to Feel at Home When You’re on the Road

Traveling for your work can be invigorating. You’re in a new city meeting with your clients and getting your job done on an exciting new terrain.

That being said, it also can be lonely. You’re away from home and bereft all of your key comforts. But there are ways to ease the situation. By adding a few personal touches or going out, you’ll feel more at home in a brand new spot. Here are some tips from the travel experts at LuxiaSuites:

Peaches at the Farmer's Market

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Buy some food

Visiting a local farmer’s market or buying produce at a grocery store rather than only eating out can make you feel more at home. You can stock up on your favorite treats that you’d normally have in your pantry at home, so if you like to cook, you’ll have the supplies to whip your best dish! Some of our favorite markets nearby include The Riverfront Market (A favored spot of Governor Jack Markell) and ShopRite. With your fully-stocked kitchen cooking is easy!

Keep your Fitness and Sleep Routines

If you’re a runner, go for a run outside or in the fitness center. If you love yoga, either do it in your room or find a nearby studio to get your downward dog on. Keeping your fitness routine in order will help make the transition easier on you when you arrive home too. Plus, we all know just how much better you’ll feel after getting a good workout in.

Likewise, try maintaining your typical sleep patterns. If you’re in another time zone, this will help you adjust faster and beat jet lag. The article also suggests loading your favorite TV programs on your computer so you can watch your favorite programs before you go get some shuteye. Use blackout curtains to keep the sun out on the morning and bring a white noise machine if you use on to help ease you into slumber.


Taking your clothes out of your suitcase can help make you feel more comfortable and less like a traveler just biding their time before heading home. At LuxiaSuites, there is plenty of closet space in each suite for all of your apparel. This also can help get the wrinkles out of your professional dresses or suits.

Bring Treasures from Home

Be sure to pack keepsakes with you when you travel. Seeing a picture of a loved one can make you feel at home in a flash. Or maybe bring along a beloved book. If you’ve got a blanket you love, pack it and feel at ease when you curl up with it before you go to bed. Whatever you choose, just be sure to pack something that won’t break easily and is close to your heart.

Have your own scents

Smelling your signature scent (Bath & Body Works Warm Vanilla Sugar, anyone?) can make you feel right at home. Bring your favorite candles, a diffuser or even body lotions to help ease the transition from home to hotel.

These are just a few ways to ensure your travel, however long- or short-term, can be as comfortable and homey as possible.

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