Try a Gyro at Yia, It’s All Greek to Me, a New Restaurant in Media

Yia! That means “hello” in Greek, and it’s also the name of a brand new authentic Greek spot in Media. Yia: It’s All Greek to Me opened just over a month ago and aims to provide fresh, authentic Greek cuisine to area residents. The interior will transport you to the Greek islands with the traditional white and blue accents and simple furniture.

The menu is extensive and provides no shortage of options for every palate. Start with a dip to share with the table. Their melitzanosalata (eggplant) and tyrokafteri (spicy feta) are super delicious, and pretty healthy too, served with fresh warm pita bread on the side. For a taste of the traditional gryo (or yeero on their menu) grab the 4 yeero delight, which will come with four different gyros, beef, pork, chicken and a beef and lamb combo. Each has a distinct flavor, and it’s neat to try them all. They also serve up delicious greek salads and souvlaki for those wanting to keep things on the lighter side.

Finish with their phenomenal, sweet baklava for the perfect Greek meal.

Public Domain/Pixabay/RitaE

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