What’s Your Favorite Mead at Liquid Alchemy Beverages?

Liquid Alchemy Beverages has been taking Wilmington by storm with a unique offering: mead. Mead is essentially wine made out of honey, and it’s as good as it sounds. The husband-wife duo who dreamed up Liquid Alchemy Beverages were turned on to mead with a trip to Maine, and they decided to give it a go and introduce Delaware to their new favorite drink.

The best way to get acquainted with mead is through a tasting and tour of the facility, which will only run you $10. Flavors toe the line between dry and sweet. The Pucker-Up-Baby boasts hibiscus flower that’s sweet and sour, the Thai-Grrr mixes lime and Thai chilis for a bit of a kick, and the Choco-Cherry-Bon-Bon combines Peruvian cacao nibs with bing cherries for the perfect treat. Other unique ingredients range from Tahitian vanilla beans to passion fruit, blood oranges, and more. Each beverage has a totally different taste, so you have to come back a few times to try them all.

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