Why Consultants Should Stay at LuxiaSuites

As a consultant, you’re on the road almost constantly. You’re great at your job, and you’re even better at adapting to new cities.

But as a road warrior, you know how rough life can be. Staying in bland motel after bland motel is, well, pretty drab. But if you’ll be in Wilmington, Delaware for business you’ll want to book a room at LuxiaSuites, stat.

This outstanding building offers luxurious and amenity-packed dwellings designed exclusively for consultants. No need to worry about a hotel packed with teenagers—you’ll be able to network and relax with fellow consultants during your downtime. If you need more reasons to book a room here, read on.

It’s affordable

Pricey hotel costs can add up fast. If you’d rather have the perks of a hotel stay without the high price tag, consider LuxiaSuites. The property offers cost-effective suites that you’ll love and won’t break the bank.

It’s comfortable

Most hotels usually don’t scream comfort; they tend to be filled with stale art and bland furniture. That setting might be fine for a few days, but if you’ll be in Wilmington for a multiple weeks, that can get old fast. Each LuxiaSuites dwelling exudes the comforts of home. The furniture is carefully chosen. Every guest gets a separate bedroom, sitting area and a full kitchen. You’ll have as much or even more space than if you lived in a one-bedroom apartment.

Legal Center at LuxiaSuites

Perks for Consultants

If you’ll be staying a hotel for weeks on end, you typically will have to check in and out every week. Talk about a tiring process! You won’t have to do this at LuxiaSuites since the property caters toward long-term guests. The business also offers customized billing, so no need to fret when you have to fill out your expense reports.

Enjoy Hotel-Style Amenities

All of LuxiaSuites guests are treated to top-notch amenities. They can look forward tohousekeeping, a complimentary shuttle, a concierge desk, high-speed Internet, premium cable television channels and a full electronics package. And that’s just the start. LuxiaSuites City center also includes a business center, a cyber café where free  club breakfast is served during week days and a great room with free billiards so you can kick back when you’ve got time off.

Have an upcoming business trip to Wilmington, Delaware? Then book a room at LuxiaSuites. The building is teeming with amenities for consultants. You’re sure to have your best business trip ever when you’re here. Contact LuxiaSuites today to reserve your exceptional room.

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