Cycling and Socializing are the Main Event at Wilmington, Delaware’s Bike & Hike

If you’re a fan of fitness, a lover of history, or just a business traveler looking to get some exercise while you’re on the road, you should consider participating in the recurring Wednesday event known to Delawareans as the Bike & Hike.

This three-mile journey through the grounds of the Hagley Museum is a great way to stay fit and interact with like-minded cyclers from all over town. Admission is just two dollars per person and there are plenty of bike rental shops in Wilmington that cater to the business traveler crowd.

Planning a journey or a picnic is as simple as packing a basket and heading over to the Hagley’s main entrance, which is located just off of route 141 in Wilmington, Delaware.

Water Wheel at Hagley Museum

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The Bike Path at the Hagley Museum

The bike path sprawls for approximately 3 miles heading through the Hagley Museum property, past the visitor’s center, through a secluded picnic area, past theBelin House Organic Café and along the winding wooded trails of the Brandywine. The picnic area is adorned with trees and the organic café features a wide variety of farm fresh products grown within the area. Along the way, bikers can discover bits and pieces of Delaware history that could never be found elsewhere. With the soothing river flowing softly against the rocks and nearby Wilmington, Delaware residences painting a distant portrait in the background, path travelers can spend their Wednesdays reminiscing in the birthplace of the nation and building new memories along the way.

The majestic banks of the Brandywine River make for a scenic escapade guaranteed to inspire. Whether you’re a seasoned biker, an afternoon stroller or you’re just looking for the perfect place to plan an after-work trip, a Wednesday evening spent on the Hagley grounds is sure to do the body and spirit a world of good. The bike path will be open each Wednesday in August from 5 PM to 8 PM and rain dates have already been designated for each day in the event of unforeseen weather conditions.

Other Noteworthy Events at the Hagley Museum

The Hagley Museum is known to Wilmington, Delaware locals as a fruitful gathering place where art, culture and history intertwine. In the upcoming months, scavenger hunts, car shows, science exhibits, historical presentations and more will grace the grounds of this 235 acre historical facility. Contact us today to discover the rich history of the nation’s first state in the beautiful city of Wilmington, Delaware.

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