Wilmington in Review: The Playback of 2014

As the New Year rings, yesterday doesn’t seem so far away at all. Maybe that’s because yesterday was actually, well… yesterday, or last week, last month, six months ago etc. With 2014 still fresh in our minds, we’ve decided to make note of the most noteworthy events that happened during the 2014 calendar year.

These events not only changed the face of the first state, they’re also likely to change the state of Delaware for years to come. Wilmington, Delaware business travelers may come and go, but these advancements are guaranteed to stick around.

2014 Infrastructure Improvements: The Blueprints of the Future

Remember President Barack Obama’s little visit to Delaware? While he might have stopped in for a bite at The Charcoal Pit, he didn’t just come for the food. In 2014, the president presented a solid, long-term plan for rebuilding the city of Wilmington.

The blueprint began with the repair of an I-495 bridge and branched out into the prospect of a major makeover, complete with new streets and an updated landscape. With some of the makeover already underway, the president himself projects a future inclusive of millions of new jobs and oodles of new reasons to expand your business to Wilmington, Delaware.

Inclusive of the brand new infrastructure criteria is an abundance of luxury apartment communities situated on the Wilmington, Delaware riverfront featuring short term and long term leasing options.

Waiting for Obama in Wilmington, DE

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2014 Restaurants: New and Trending in the 19801

On September 25, 2014, Wilmington’s bustling legal district welcomed a brand new Starbucks to the neighborhood. Classic cups of bold roasts and seasonal favorites are now being served in the city, but Starbucks isn’t the only restaurant that came to the Diamond state in 2014. The brand new Bonefish Grill opened its doors in October. Delaware business travelers can feel free to pull up a chair and enjoy an upscale dining experience in a sleek modern setting at the Bonefish Grill.

2014 Businesses: Brand New Businesses that Opened their Doors in Wilmington in the 2014 Calendar Year

On November 21st of 2014, acclaimed collector David Pollack came to town, bringing with him an impressive gallery consisting of more than 10,000 vintage posters that showcase his knack for art and culture preservation. His gallery, located on 1222 North King Street, is further proof that talented historians are gravitating toward our city. Other brand new additions to the community that were founded in 2014 include:


Wilmington, De accomplished a great deal in 2014. Cheers to business travelers like you who fueled the movement! Learn more about starting, funding or supporting Wilmington, De innovations by contacting us today.

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