Some of the Best Ways to Get from within Wilmington, DE to the Philadelphia Airport

Traveling—be it for business or pleasure—is an exciting adventure filled with the promise of a fresh, yet temporary start. There is an irresistible allure that coincides with opening and closing your eyes in a new place.

Unfortunately, the stress of getting to the airport on time can be enough to ruin an amazing vacation before it even begins. If you are traveling from Wilmington, DE to the Philadelphia Airport, there are many alternate routes you can choose that will cut the hassle out of the commute, leaving you time to enjoy the journey.

To the Airport by Car

If you can manage to enlist the help of a friend, traveling to the airport by car can be a rather effortless experience. This is particularly true if your flight happens to be scheduled for early in the morning or late in the evening when traffic on the highway is minimal.

From your permanent home, corporate apartment rental, or short-term apartment rental, merge onto I-95 North where you will travel for approximately 18 miles exiting near your destination at the Bartrum Avenue ramp. From there, follow the signs that lead to departing flights arriving at the airport on Essington Avenue in under 20 minutes.

If you plan on driving yourself from Wilmington to Philadelphia, be sure to book a parking spot with the Airport Parking Company on 6717 Essington Avenue in advance in order to enjoy rates as low as $6.95 per day.

If your flight is scheduled for a less than ideal time of the day, you might fare better taking 202 N. to route 1 N. and picking up 95 further down the line in Pennsylvania. Regardless to what anyone tells you, never get on I-76 or I-476 unless you absolutely have to. Construction on these interstates leads to an extreme amount of congestion that could truly delay your commute.

Public Transportation from Wilmington, DE to the Philadelphia Airport

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Public Transit

The Delaware Shuttle Express has been chauffeuring Wilmington residents and visitors to the Philadelphia airport for over 30 years. They offer a shared ride service designed as an economical alternative that can help you save money and fuel by traveling as a group with others headed in the same geological direction. The Go airport shuttle is always accepting reservations.

The R2 Regional Rail is another way to go via public transportation. This line crosses from Delaware into Pennsylvania and proceeds into the city of Philadelphia. After arriving at 30th St., Station, you can catch the Septa airport line directly into the terminal. Be certain to make note of which terminal your flight is departing from.

Should you opt to take a cab in lieu of a train or shuttle, you should expect an approximated fare of $44. The Delaware Taxi service often runs special rates for Delawareans making their way to the Philadelphia airport.

Business traveling from a Wilmington, Delaware residence should be safe, speedy and convenient. To temporarily lease an address that is convenient to the Philadelphia Airport, the City of New York and the many attractions of Baltimore while enjoying a tax-free shopping experience, contact Luxia Suites today!

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